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Turkey Time + Fun Facts

Well it’s about Thanksgiving, so naturally this blog will be about turkeys. Here are some fun facts you may or may not need to know but will make for great conversation with family and friends. Turkeys can fly—-at least the wild ones.  The wild ones can fly at 55 MPH.  But…

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Plant-Based Chicken

In my last blog, I mentioned that there was no “fake” chicken on the market—like the Beyond Meat faux burger that’s going strong.  Well, since then— low and behold—Kentucky Fried Chicken became the first in the national quick service market to introduce a plant-based chicken product.  It debuted in the…

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Burgers vs. Chicken Sandwiches

Burgers have been a top ordered item at U.S. restaurants for decades but chicken sandwiches have come on strong over the last several years. There are more chicken sandwich restaurant concepts and chicken sandwiches are appearing on more menus.  So, have burgers been knocked off their perch by chicken sandwiches?  No—Burgers…

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Chinese Chickens

All the political talk about tariffs and a trade war with China may have an effect on a lot of goods—but chicken are not one of them.  Currently, the US buys no chickens from China.  We raise 99% of all the chickens we process right here in the US.  In…

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Pecking Order

I think we’ve all heard the phrase “pecking order” at one time or another.  Probably, when politics comes up or office hierarchy is described.  Do you sometimes wonder where you are in the pecking order of your job—of your club—-of your school—etc, etc?  I’m sure we all do once in…

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Faux Wings

Well—It’s Super Bowl time so that naturally means it’s also time to talk wings.  Some time back in a previous blog—I predicted that there would be a big wing shortage and prices would sky rocket.  I predicted this because of all the new fast food wing joints that were popping…

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The End of a Turkey Legend

Well, it is Thanksgiving Month so of course my blog will be about turkeys.  But it won’t be filled with all sorts of facts, figures and antidotes or how many turkeys I will sell this year.  My blog is in memory of a turkey legend and a friend of mine—Willie…

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Blue Apron is Very Blue

Earlier this year, I wrote about Costco venturing into the chicken growing business and how I believe it’s a mistake.  It’s hard to do two different business models successfully—even if you are a giant like Costco.  Well, they are still in the process and I haven’t heard any news one…

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Hot Chickens = Higher Prices

Well, it’s really HOT here in California so you know the rest of the nation is sweltering as well.  From Fresno, where we get our Organic birds, to Georgia where we buy our natural birds—these areas are HOT!!  This really affects the live chicken weights and ultimately chicken prices. Chickens,…

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Mother’s Day Stats

This year,  34 percent of all adults plan to celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out at a restaurant (I hope it is one of our customers).   Of that number—nearly half are going out to dinner, making it the days most popular meal.  The rest will do lunch—brunch—or breakfast. That’s the reason…

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