Faux Wings

Well—It’s Super Bowl time so that naturally means it’s also time to talk wings.  Some time back in a previous blog—I predicted that there would be a big wing shortage and prices would sky rocket.  I predicted this because of all the new fast food wing joints that were popping up all across America. That coupled with the fact, that there are only two wings on each chicken prompted me to come to that seemingly obvious conclusion.

Well—enter Chicken Marketing 101.  To counteract this possibility—the restaurant industry came up with the product— “Boneless Chicken Wings”.  Well, let me tell you—Boneless Chicken Wings are nothing more than dry chicken breast cut up into pieces to loosely resemble the size of a real wing.  It sounds like a creation from Dr Frankenstein.  Boneless wings are NOT wings.  In today’s world of compliance and truth in advertising—I can’t believe that companies can call these products “Wings.”  Can you call a drumstick a wing—-can you call a thigh a breast—-can you call horse meat USDA Prime??  Boneless Chicken Wings are no more than chicken nuggets—-parts is parts—right?  Wrong!  And personally, I have never seen a chicken with “nuggets”.  So, there you go.

Anyway—enjoy the Super Bowl—-but if you are at a Sports Bar and they try to sell you Boneless Chicken Wings—–CALL A PENALTY.!!!!!!!

CEO, Rogers Poultry

George Saffarrans