Plant-Based Chicken

In my last blog, I mentioned that there was no “fake” chicken on the market—like the Beyond Meat faux burger that’s going strong.  Well, since then— low and behold—Kentucky Fried Chicken became the first in the national quick service market to introduce a plant-based chicken product.  It debuted in the last part of August and sold out immediately.  And, like the faux burger, it was also produced by Beyond Meat. Of course, they did it with nuggets and boneless wings as there is no way to do it with regular bone-in, cut up chickens.  So, I guess faux chicken is here along with faux burgers and only time will tell if it “makes” it long term.  I actually think it just might because industry giants—Tyson and Perdue Farms—are both testing some type of chicken substitute for the real thing.

Now, I somewhat get the faux burger push as meat has long been thought not very healthy for us—but chicken has always been viewed as a “healthy” food.  So, who knows?  I tell you one thing—after looking at all the stuff the manufacturers are putting in these fake products—-I would really question how much healthier these “faux” products really are.

Again—only time will tell.  But until then—Rogers Poultry will still produce the best and highest quality “real” products on the market.  I hope everybody had a great summer!!

George Saffarrans

CEO, Rogers Poultry