It’s Super Bowl– So it Must be Wing Time!

The Super Bowl is this weekend of course and while nobody knows who is going to win, or even if it will be a good game, one thing is for sure—wings will be the food of choice.  In all, Americans will chow down 1.4 BILLION chicken wings during the big game this year. That’s 27 million more than last year!  Food service and retail stores have been gearing up for weeks to make sure they have plenty of wings on hand. 

Now, the wings I am referring to are real bone in wings.  There are another zillion boneless wings being served also. However, these boneless wings are not wings at all—they are just pieces of breast meat dipped in whatever Buffalo sauce people want to eat.

So, go ahead my friends—grab a wet nap—dive in and help put a dent in that 1.4 billion.

Oh—one last question—will you have ranch or blue cheese with that???

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all!!

George Saffarrans, CEO Rogers Poultry