The Phabulous Pheasant

Ahhhh—Holiday Dinners

Are you looking for something new and exciting to feed your friends and family during the Holiday Season? How about a Phabulous Pheasant Dinner??? If you live in the Midwest you’ve probably had Pheasants right out of the field. It’s a taste and experience like no other. Rogers carries a Wisconsin Pheasant that is unbelievably good and good for you. Pheasant offers a change of pace from other poultry and does it with simplicity and style! It’s a natural, lean, hearty meat with superb flavor and superior nutrition. And it’s grown on a family farm—so there will be no buckshot!

Some potential menus: curried pheasant—smoked pheasant salad—-pheasant pot pie—baked parmesan pheasant…and the list goes on!!!

It’s healthy too—–pheasant is lower in fat and cholesterol than turkey or beef! And actually has more protein per gram than turkey, ducks or lean beef. They are humanely raised and are fed only natural grains with no antibiotics or animal by products.

Now to close with a few fun facts:
-Pheasants originated in Asia and were first introduced to North America in 1773 (but they do not cluck in Chinese).
-Pheasants can dig through a foot of snow or more to get to food—and they can swim!
-Pheasants can run at a speed of 8-10 miles and can fly 35-45 miles per hour.

But you don’t need to catch them or hunt them—–call your Rogers sales person and we will do the work for you!!

George Saffarrans