Cage Fight

People/customers are always asking me if Rogers chickens are “cage free”. So, let me explain.

Cage free is a term that emanates from the table egg business. That is a totally different business model than the business of raising chickens to eat. NONE of the chickens we process at Rogers were raised in cages. They were either raised outdoors or in barns the size of football fields.

Most people don’t realize these are two different kinds of businesses. Some of the chickens (hens) that are selected to lay eggs for your table are in fact raised in small cages. I won’t go into why that is in this blog but it’s obviously for efficiencies on that particular farm.

However, there is a trend and some new laws that are changing that practice. In 2015—California passed a law that all egg layers could not be raised in cages. Now with that said– cage free is certainly not like Old McDonalds Farm! It just means they are not raised in cages. It does not mean they are out in the pasture just roaming around. But most experts do agree cage free is better for the welfare of the hen which in turn will produce a better egg.

Rogers is not in the egg business—in fact we don’t even sell eggs. Our chickens are for your table and they are never in cages. So no cage fights at Rogers!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Saffarrans