Survey Says??

Survey Says?? Moms prefer seafood over chicken.  I am so bummed.

The most recent data shows that on Mother’s Day——-26% of all Moms wanted seafood——–18% wanted ethnic food (Italian, Mexican, Sushi, etc)——-16% wanted steak——12% wanted buffet——-and only 9% wanted chicken.  Go Figure.  Chicken just barely beat BBQ at 8%.  I thought BBQ was a guy thing!?

But, I really shouldn’t complain as Mother’s Day still remains the most popular holiday to dine out.  It is invariably the largest sales weekend of our year.  And it was again this year!  35% of all Americans dined out this last Sunday.  That’s a lot of peeps eating out!  So I will take the 9% chicken sales of that many people dining out all day long!

And you ask—where do they eat?  Baby Boomers went mostly to casual dining while Millennials went mostly to fine dining.  Of course they did—they’re Millennials!!

With all this said—it’s a wonderful holiday and everybody in the food business looks forward to such a big weekend.   So, Thank You Mothers!!!  Happy Mother’s Day!

Now on to Father’s Day!!


George Saffarrans, CEO