Mother’s Day Stats

This year,  34 percent of all adults plan to celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out at a restaurant (I hope it is one of our customers).   Of that number—nearly half are going out to dinner, making it the days most popular meal.  The rest will do lunch—brunch—or breakfast.

That’s the reason Mother’s Day weekend has become one of Rogers Poultry’s busiest weekends.  So, Thanks to all you Mothers!!

For the ones not dining out—-most adults plan to have a home cooked Mother’s Day meal at their homes or someone else’s home.

So, for those of you cooking at home—there are lots of chicken dishes to choose from.  My blog could be 10 pages long if I listed them all.  But, I’d like to mention one particular dish that’s always a crowd favorite.

While many have heard of veal scaloppini, you can also make this Italian dish with chicken.  We call it chicken scaloppini (how clever).  To make this dish—you need a very flattened piece of skinless chicken breast.  Now you can pound the heck out of it with a mallet and drive your husband crazy while he is trying to watch baseball on TV—or you can buy chicken breast from Rogers that has already been flattened to almost paper thin.  We call this process PRESSED chicken breast.  We have a specially designed machine that does this, and it makes for the perfect scaloppini.

Survey says……

When asking Moms what they want for Mother’s Day:

47% wanted a meal with family

15% wanted flowers

11% wanted décor items

10% wanted a gift card

9% wanted jewelry

8% wanted clothing


So, thankfully for Rogers Poultry——eating a nice meal with family—either at home or in a restaurant—is still the favorite.  If at home—give chicken scaloppini a try.

Happy Mother’s Day!


George Saffarrans, CEO Rogers Poultry