Have Your Chickens Had Their Flu Shots Yet?

This year the H5N2 Avian Influenza has killed a record number of chickens and turkeys. Migratory birds (geese and ducks-etc.) spread this virus thru droppings as they fled North on their migratory Flight Plan. This flight plan goes directly thru the Upper Midwest. So far there have been over 40 million chickens and turkeys killed from this flu.

Rogers Poultry chickens have NOT been affected by this flu. The areas we buy chickens from (the Southeast—California—etc.) have not been affected. Hence, we have not been shorted any birds. The biggest ramification from this flu has been on table eggs. The reason for this is that Iowa was one of the hardest hit states and they produce 70% of all table eggs. That’s why eggs have doubled! Consumers are expected to pay 8 Billion dollars more for eggs this year than last—WOW!

As far as the turkey situation—-Minnesota (one of the biggest turkey producing states) was another very hard hit area and they lost a lot of turkeys. So come Thanksgiving—I would venture to say the birds will be much more expensive than last year. But they will be available—so don’t change that Thanksgiving menu yet—we will have birds!!

On a final note—-all of Rogers farms test EACH flock before they are processed. So there is no way for an infected bird to enter the food chain. Either chicken or turkey. We are looking out for our customers!!

George Saffarrans