Rogers Team Spotlight


Kate Macias, Rogers Account Executive


Q: How long have you worked at Rogers?

A: I’ve worked for Rogers Poultry for almost 11 years as of October 2018.  I left the company briefly at the end of 2010 to pursue grocery company sales at Goldberg and Solovy and then returned to Rogers in the spring of 2012. I’ve been in the foodservice industry for 16 years and prior to Rogers worked at Patman Meat Group as an assistant manager of customer service and then went to J Goodman as an account manager.  Both of those companies were brokers.


Q: What is your current position at Rogers and have you had any other positions while there?

A: I started at Rogers as an assistant to the CEO. I was moved to the sales team when I pursued and opened a huge manufacturing account for Rogers Poultry and the CEO, George Saffarrans, realized that I was a natural salesperson and needed to be on the streets.


Q: Describe your favorite memories or experiences while working at Rogers?

A: I’ve had so many great experiences and have so many fond memories from working at a Rogers! I feel so blessed to be part of a company that really feels like a family. My boss, CEO George Saffarrans, really cares about all of us on a personal level and has had my back through the ups and downs in my personal and professional life. Additionally, virtually all our employees, from the plant workers and butchers to the office staff, are the same as the day I started! We’ve all watched each other’s children grow up and it just feels like extended family. We have a culture that works hard but plays hard too! Whether it’s our annual Halloween Costume party, Holiday Luncheon, White Elephant Gift Exchange, someone’s birthday or a business trip, we always find a way to have far too much fun — sometimes what happens at Rogers Stays at Rogers. There have been more laughs than I could ever count over all these years!


Q: How would you define your role at Rogers and what do you feel is the most important part of your job?

A: My role at Rogers is to generate sales for the company and to provide solutions to my accounts so both can grow successfully. My goal, and the most important part of my job, is to be a valuable partner to my customers (not just a salesperson) so that I can help them grow by offering the highest quality products in Southern California at the most reasonable prices.


Q: How does your job impact Rogers customers (directly or indirectly) and what do you do to make sure you’re always making a positive impact?

A: My job impacts our customers directly and immensely! The sales team is THE front line of communication with our customers. I need to be organized and ready for all the requests that come my way daily. I also need to be educated on the latest products and market conditions that might affect pricing. To do all this means that I’m in constant communication with my accounts so that I can keep them ahead of the game. I make sure they’re ready for price increases, locked into contracts to hold pricing during the volatile months, walk them through our plant for menu ideas and introduce them to new items that I think would work well with their concepts.


Q: What do you enjoy spending time doing when not at work?

A: When not at work, I enjoy family time, the beach, movies, hiking, vacations, camping, crafting, canvas painting, gardening and watering my yard. I know that sounds weird to water your yard but that’s my peaceful mommy time. I also love succulent plants and I find it fascinating how you can break off one piece, stick it in the dirt, and something beautiful grows. I love that they always bloom a mysterious flower and I have fun planting pots with a collection of colorful succulents and gifting them to my friends and family. We have a tight knit family and are always going places or planning fun get togethers.  We are also blessed to live in an awesome family-oriented community of which my husband and I have made lots of likeminded friends with kids our sons ages, so we love spending time at home!


Q: Something no one might know or be surprised to know about you?

A: Something someone might be surprised to know about me, is that I’m 100% deaf in my right ear — an unfortunate side effect from having a non-cancerous tumor removed from my temple bone in 2011. If you’re wondering why I say, “excuse me, can you say that again?” or “what?” 200 times during our conversations, or act like I don’t know what direction sound is coming from, now you know why.  It’s something I can joke about now, but nothing makes you appreciate life more than scary health experiences.


Q: Best thing in life that’s happened to you?

A: The best things to happen to me in my life are being a mother to my boys, marrying my husband and buying our first house in 2015 in Lakewood.


Q: Describe a little bit about your background…where you grew up, family…

A: I grew up in Torrance, Ca.  My parents were neighbors and high school sweethearts and got married 1 week after my mom graduated high school. This year they celebrated their 44th anniversary. I have two sisters and 4 sweet nieces.  I knew my husband Martin in high school, but we reunited several years after we graduated and have been married for 7 years now. I had a son from a previous relationship named Dylan 21, and my husband and I have a son named Mason 6.  Mason was born premature at 29 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the Hospital.  He was diagnosed with high functioning autism at 2.5. He is a little genius though, fully reading by 4, excellent with numbers, starting 1st grade at the end of August and teaches me more about life than I could ever teach him. Dylan is a hard worker juggling two jobs, plays a mean guitar, and has trained me well as a first-time mom.  I’m proud of both my kids and their unique personalities.