Rogers Team Spotlight

Larry Ricks, Rogers Corporate Controller

Q: How long have you worked at Rogers?

A: A little less than one year

Q: What is your current position at Rogers and what are you responsible for?

A: Corporate Controller

Q: Describe your favorite memories or experiences while working at Rogers?

A: Rogers employs an awesome group of Food Industry Professionals; most members of the management team have many years of industry experience.  Although my tenure is just getting started, so far working with a talented team of dedicated industry leaders has been my favorite experience. 

Q: How would you define your role at Rogers and what do you feel is the most important part of your job?

A: I am primarily responsible for Finance, Accounting, and General Administration at Rogers.  Important aspects of my responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide accurate, timely information necessary for our shareholders and management team to execute our business plan
  • Providing constant communications to our bank and other important business partners to insure they understand what Rogers’ business is really about, and how they can help us accomplish our goals.
  • Constantly striving to provide a safe, stable and enjoyable work place environment for all the Rogers employees.
  • The protection of the company’s assets


 Q: How does your job impact Rogers customers (directly or indirectly) and what do you do to make sure you’re always making a positive impact?

A: In my mind my impact on customers is mostly indirect, however, through implementation, management, and maintaining an appropriate corporate environment, all Rogers employees provide for their customers:

  • The absolute best customer service
  • Industry leading quality food products
  • And a 100% sustainable supply chain


Q: What do you enjoy spending time doing when not at work?

A: I have 5 Grand Children all living close, I am blessed to enjoy spending time at their various activities, cooking family Sunday dinners, and an occasional game of golf.


Q: Something no one might know or be surprised to know about you?

A: I really enjoy riding a Harley Davidson Street Glide

Q: Best thing in life that’s happened to you?

A: I met my wife when we were only 15 years old, we have enjoyed growing together for over 35 years now.

Q: Describe a little bit about your background…where you grew up, family…

A: I am a farm boy from rural Idaho.  My family were primarily potato, wheat, and malt barley farmers.   As a teenager I came upon a great way to make a little extra money – I raised Holstein replacement heifers for local dairymen.  This included bottle-feeding day-old calves, learning to be a “self-taught veterinarian” and never missing the responsibility of keeping my little heard fed, and safely tucked in the corral during extremely cold winter months.

Professionally I am a CPA, I truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of a great organization like Rogers Poultry Co.