With USDA certification, over 200 hundred experienced butchers, private labeling capabilities and three state-of-the art processing and distributions centers in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can be confident that Rogers Poultry & Provisions has what you need, when you need it. At Rogers, we have a strong commitment to both innovation and food safety and are continually upgrading our facilities, investing in cutting edge equipment and closely following a fully integrated HACCP program. This commitment has not only allowed us to expand our product lines to an even broader scale but also to better fulfill our customers’ needs while providing the superior service and quality we’ve become known for. 


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When it comes to our industry leading fresh poultry program our principles are simple – sanitation, temperature control and special hygienic modified atmosphere packaging. Quality poultry relies on a low bacteria count and begins with the growers and processors. At Rogers we only purchase from a select few growers who we have personally inspected and whom share our sanitation and quality control policies. We require our suppliers to transport the product to us at what we’ve determined to be the optimum storing temperature for fresh poultry. We also require the truck to be equipped with a temperature recorder and before our receivers unload the product, they check the results of the temperature recorder and use a poke thermometer to test the internal temperature of the chickens in a few random cases. Once this has been completed and all other requirements have been met, the truck is unloaded and the product is transferred into our holding cooler which is maintained at the ideal temperature for storing.

In 1983 Rogers built two new state-of-the-art processing plants in Huntington Park, CA. The plants were designed and built from the ground up for the sole purpose of processing poultry. We took extra precautionary measures to make sure all of the refrigeration, workrooms and docks were engineered for processing poultry. These plants are strictly for processing chicken only so there is no room for cross contamination. Today, we continue to operate out of these state-of-the-art facilities which allows us to produce the finest poultry around.

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